Preparation Test 1 for PMP® Certification Exam

Welcome to your Preparation Test 1 for PMP® Certification Exam

1. Execution

Being assigned as a project manager, you noticed during project execution that conflicts arise in the team on both technical and interpersonal levels. 

What is an appropriate way of handling conflicts?

2. Initial

What is the purpose of a project charter?

3. Execution

The concept of (the) _________ states that changes related to one requirement—scope, time, or cost—will at least influence one other element.

4. Initial

What is true for the net present value of the project over the three years cycle at a discount rate of 10%?

5 Execution

What does the term best practice often refer to?

6. Planning

The communications management plan is a document which includes descriptions of…

7. Project life cycle and organization

_________ are usually not a manifestation of unique organizational cultures and styles.

8. Planning

Which of the following is generally not regarded as an element of active listening?

9. Monitoring and y Controlling

You were able to obtain measuring equipment with very high accuracy and precision. You used it to make a sequence of measurements directly at a production process output and depicted the results on the following control chart. 

Which statement is the best conclusion from these results?

10. Execution

As the project manager, you decided to arrange a team meeting to identify and analyze lessons learned from quality control with stakeholders. 

What should you do with them?

11. Monitoring and Controlling

Which of the following documents is not used as input for the validate scope process?

12. Planning

How should change management be planned for?

13. Execution

According to Bruce Tuckman, 

what are the stages of team development?

14. Initial

What is not a reason for companies to organize lessons learned?

15. Execution

How does a project management team stay in touch with the work and the attitudes of project team members?

16. Planning

Which document is developed along the risk management processes from identify risks through plan and implement risk responses to monitor risks?

17. Monitoring and Controlling

A customer is requiring a minor scope change and expects you to do this without delays

and additional costs. You believe that you have adequate authorization to make the decision by yourself, but you are not quite sure.

What should be your next steps?

18. Planning

A facilitator should…

19. Initial

As the project manager in a software project which is currently initiated, you want to

assess high-level risks. 

What should you do?

20. Execution

In most jurisdictions, a legally required order of formal statements establishing a contract is:

21. Monitoring and Controlling

What should managers consider before conducting a performance evaluation interview with a project team member?

22. Initial

Which statement describes best handling of assumptions during the initiating processes?

23. Planning

A WBS dictionary is a document which…

24. Execution

You are in the process of contacting sellers to obtain bids and proposals. You found out that it might become a time-consuming procedure to ensure that the sellers get a clear and common understanding of the procurement process and of the needs of your project. 

Which technique may help you save time?

25. Execution

As a project manager, 

when should you especially consider cultural differences?

26. Execution

At the beginning of project execution, you notice different opinions between team members relating to project work and deliverables and to the level of overall complexity.

What should you do right now?

27. Execution

You have just taken over as manager of a project that will create many benefits for the performing organization, but you sense a high level of resistance in various stakeholders right from the start. 

What is the most appropriate action to resolve the problem?

28. Planning

You are in the process of planning a project and found that stakeholders often have varying objectives and requirements. This makes it hard to come up with a plan with which all objectives will be met. 

What is probably most helpful to ensure common understanding?

29. Initial

Projects frequently do not meet customer expectations for which of the following reasons?

30. Planning

What is typical for critical path project management?

31. Monitoring and Controlling

You are the project manager for the development of a new type of power plant. Your project is making fast progress, and it is getting nearer to the day of product acceptance.

Which technique will be most important for product acceptance?

32. Monitoring and Controlling

What are the cost types in modern quality management?

33. Execution

During the execution of a project to build a complex defense system, your team has run

into a deep crisis.

The project’s goal and objectives have been challenging right from the start, but now you have discovered that your team members have become increasingly unaware of them. Being busy solving detail problems, they often fail to understand the overall requirements. Then they develop solutions which resolve issues in their area of limited responsibility, while causing new problems at the interfaces with other system components. Meanwhile, the team members show signs of growing frustration, and time is running away. 

How can you help your team in this situation?

34. Monitoring and Controlling

For a project, the following earned value data have been assessed:

AC: $ 4,000,000

CV: $ -500,000

SPI: 1.12

BaC: $ 9,650,000

What is the earned value of the project?

35. Execution

During execution in a project to build a major road bridge, your team found a major flaw

in the technical drawings. On an ad-hoc base, they had to find and implement a

workaround to avoid delays and mitigate technical problems. 

What should you do next?

36. Planning

You recently took over the assignment for a project. The project charter has been developed. 

What is an appropriate next step for you?

37. Planning

You scheduled a kick-off meeting in order to announce the start of your project, present the plan and develop consensus on it. Another topic will be explanation of each team member’s role. In addition, you planned some time for discussions.

You published the agenda of the kick-off meeting some weeks ago to all invited attendees.

Now, short term before the event, you receive various cancellations by team members, who say that they cannot join the meeting. But they will be with you when project work will start.

38. Execution

During a meeting, a discussion came up: To which degree does your project have to be compliant to the processes enumerated in the PMBOK® Guide? 

What should be the guiding principle to answer this question?

39. Planning

Product acceptance criteria should be laid down in which document?

40. Planning

The cost baseline is developed during which process?

41. Execution

During project execution you found out that work is often not performed at the right time and in the right order. Deliverables are made by one team member that cannot be processed by another one. This already leads to timely rework and bad morale among team members.

Which project management tool is most appropriate to deal with problems like this?

42. Initial

Your management is applying the 10 percent solution: It has requested that you reduce the budget for the project which you are currently initiating by 10%. 

What will this probably mean for your project?

43. Execution

While applying procurement management processes in your project, you identified the need to gain a more objective understanding of sellers’ capabilities in order to rank proposals and develop a negotiating sequence.

Which technique may help avoid bias and subjective decisions best?

44. Monitoring and Controlling

During code inspection in a major software development project, a project management team identified frequent occurrences of critical programming errors. These errors are scattered across the code and occur without a discernible pattern.

Which tool is most likely to help the team identify areas of error concentration in order to develop a prioritized response strategy?

45. Monitoring and Controlling

The term baseline is used in both disciplines project management and configuration management. 

Which statement is not true?

46. Execution

In a project, a cost incentive contract has been awarded to a contractor with the following parameters:

What is the point of total assumption (PTA, breakpoint) of the project?

47. Execution

The scope baseline includes____.

48. Execution

During resource planning you identified that your team members are not sufficiently qualified for their tasks. 

Which may be an appropriate solution to this problem?

49. Execution

What is typical for high-context cultures?

50. Planning

In general, processes of configuration management do not include…

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